Mark Burrell 



Born by the sea in Suffolk, Mark is an established professional painter who has been making art for over forty years. He is a member of The North Sea Magical Realists, painting Magical Realism, Portrait work, and Landscape.  

Burrell’s distinctive draughtsmanship pays meticulous attention to detail. Equally adept in realism is his conjuring of magical landscapes inhabited by strange yet familiar characters. Subject-matter ranges from his hometown in Lowestoft to a sharp satire of international politics and highest flights of imagination, creating unique visual narratives. 

Marks work has been seen on television seven times. He has also won several prizes, one being on the Anglia Television program ‘Moving Art’ presented by George Melly and interviewed by the popular Sister Wendy Beckett where he was awarded ‘First Prize’ by Bill Oddie, who highly recommended his work. 

In London, Mark won the Lucy Morrison Memorial Prize at the Royal Overseas League, plus he exhibited in The House of Commons, The Royal Academy, and was short-listed for the Sir John Hurt Art Prize in 2021. 

Mark had his first children's book published by Pegasus in 2023, called ‘Bertie by the Beach', which he wrote and illustrated. 

As Mark recounts; “I have been very fortunate to have had my work shown internationally, and have exhibited in America and Europe, and more locally in several art galleries in Suffolk. 

It has been said that “when you walk into a Mark Burrell painting the viewer is held by a glow and vibrancy, emanating like a magic pulse.  

To finish with Mark’s words: “We live on a beautiful world surrounded by a magical universe, and it’s easy to forget our luck being here when paying the bills or stuck in a traffic jam. If my paintings can remind us just a little of the strangeness, beauty, and mystery, that we are and that surrounds us, then I will have done my job.”